Give that Special Gift This Season With Bacon-Scented Wrapping Paper

This holiday season, Hormel Black Label Bacon is offering bacon wrapping paper. Yes, you read that right. You can now give gifts to those you love wrapped in a delectably decorative bacon-weave pattern, that features bacon-scenting – a technology perfected during the brand’s last ode to the love of bacon – the bacon-scented mask.

The holiday activation was done in partnership with BBDO Minneapolis, whose previous ‘baconnovations’ include the Black Label Bacon-scented mask, and a motorcycle that ran on bacon grease.

“There’s this great insight around bacon as this indulgence that makes everything better. It’s something craveable, something different, something ownable by our brand.” said Sam Hovland, senior brand manager for BLACK LABEL bacon. “We may be open to considering selling it in the future – this is a unique opportunity for us to help our fans be the talk of the holidays.”


To launch the paper, the brand partnered wit rapper turned cookbook author, Coolio to create “Wrappin’ with Coolio.” Set like a tv special, Coolio teaches you how to wrap gifts and food with bacon in his own signature style.

The video kicks off with a ‘Night Before Christmas’-esque rhyme done by Coolio before he demonstrates how to make your guests feel like cherished ‘Ho Ho Homies.’ He shows how to turn even a “regifted pair of socks into the center-cut of attention” and how to wrap any gift up “tighter than your jeans on Thanksgiving.” He then moves on to his cooking-segment to show how to wrap a turkey roast in BLACK LABEL Bacon weave, “snug in that flavour sweater.”


“Coolio was the total cherry on top of the bacon” said BBDO MPLS CCO, Laura Fegley.

“The team knew he was a chef in his own right, so he’s got a real passion for the product and knows his way around the kitchen. He’s obviously a seasoned performer, but we were blown away by the charm he brought to every take. He was the perfect partner to do BLACK LABEL Bacon justice – or in his words “I ain’t fakin’. This is some breathtakin’. Booty shakin’. BLACK LABEL Bacon.””

The bacon-obsessed can learn how to wrap from Coolio and register for a chance to win their own wrapping paper kit here