Shopee Launches Documentary ‘Shopee Rai Lokal’ Featuring the Stories of Three Homegrown Sellers

“This film is a love letter to Malaysian entrepreneurs,” said Kenneth Soh.

Edward Wong (Image via Shopee)

Shopee has launched a short film documentary “Shopee Rai Lokal”  that follows the stories of three homegrown sellers who have shattered barriers and achieved success in e-commerce.

The film features interviews with Edward Wong of HomeDecoStore, Felicia Tan of Mamami Shoppe, and Mohd Zaid of Lampu Cherita – each sharing their personal story of overcoming obstacles, starting small, and achieving sustained growth in their respective fields.

“This film is a love letter to Malaysian entrepreneurs,” said Shopee Head of Marketing, Kenneth Soh.


“We want to remind Malaysians buying local that behind the online storefronts, there are many people and communities who our sellers support; this documentary is a testament to their intelligence, resilience, and values.”

The documentary, Shopee’s first in Malaysia, was produced in collaboration with Khairil M. Bahar, an award-winning indie filmmaker who is known for Ciplak (2006), Relationship Status (2012), Cuak (2014) and Kickflip (2020).

“By sharing this documentary, we hope to inspire others to reach for their dreams online. We are also making it easy for Malaysians to shop local by spotlighting super star sellers and capturing their stories,” said Soh.


Felicia Tan (Image via Shopee)

Mohd Zaid Othman and Mohamad Hakim (Image via Shopee)

“I want to highlight the fact that young fresh grads go above and beyond to stake our long-term careers on the power of online marketing. Yet we are very much an unappreciated category of sellers compared to more well-known multinationals,” said Edward Wong, founder of HomeDecoStore.

“I hope we spark a wider conversation on what it’s like to have local entrepreneurs represented on camera. Everyone’s journey matters as much as the end goal; we need to enjoy the journey and adapt if anything comes up along the way.”


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