Sexy Thailand Facebook Campaign for Local Cafe Could Land the Owner in Jail

Image via Facebook

As the old marketing adage goes, “sex sells”. However, in the case of a cafe using it for advertising in Thailand, it could lead to jail time.

Late last month, the 50-year-old ower of Nina Cafe, Prasong Sukkorn, did a Facebook promotion featuring a pair of models wearing little more than aprons and underwear which was followed by a public outcry from Thai netizens.

Now police are considering pressing charges even though Sukkorn said he posted the images “with the intention to be sexy, not lewd or tarnishing to the society.”


Sukkorn said the idea to promote his cafe, arose from an offer a model made to help get more customers in his coffee shop in exchange for free coffee.


One of the models Minggomut ‘Ming’ Kongsawas, posed for pictures and the other, Arisa Suwannawong, was featured in a video. (see below)

Ming has over 600,000 followers on Facebook and Suwannawong, who goes by “Jaenae with Big Boobs”, has more than 365,000 followers.

In an interview with Coconuts, Jaenae confirmed that not only did she and Ming do the shoot for free — it was their idea.

“I talked to the owner, and he said that no one comes to his coffee shop because it’s far from the city, so I offered to make a video and he could share it. Ming posed in the photos,” Jaenae said.

“I wasn’t paid for this at all. I was just on my back from a photoshoot, and I was wearing sexy clothes anyway.”

The photos and video were posted to Facebook and drew over 3,500 comments, 21,000 reactions and 8,800 shares in just five hours reported The Star Online.

Following the uproar, Runnakorn, turned himself into the police and was charged with publically uploading obscene materials.

In a statement to a local media outlet, police said, “The owner said he didn’t know better and admitted it was a way to publicize his coffee shop that just opened last Tuesday. He didn’t realize it would break the law because the model in the photos wasn’t fully naked”.


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