‘Sexy’ Japanese Tourism Ad Pulled Following Criticism for Being Sexually Suggestive

A Japanese tourism advertisement for Miyagi Prefecture has been pulled following criticism for being too sexually suggestive. Released in July, the promotional two-and-a-half minute spot features popular Japanese actress and model Mitsu Dan, who is known for her “sexy aura” and for playing erotic roles.

In the ad, Dan appears as a guide dressed in a kimono lying around the pad with Miyagi prefecture’s official mascot Musubimaru –an anthropomorphized rice ball.

If that in itself is not kinky enough for you wait, there’s more.


While caressing Musubimaru’s big rice head, Dan asks him: ‘Miyagi, I-cha-u?’ which can be interpreted as ‘let’s go to Miyagi’? However, the word ‘ichau’ also means ‘to ejaculate.’

Musubimaru reaction to the suggestion is a nosebleed, which apparently in Japanese pop culture, is visual shorthand for being turned on sexually.


Little Turtle Love

Dan later meets a turtle. And asks “Can I get on top of you?” The turtle blushes and its head grows in size –apparently symbolic of an erection. In Japanese, the word for ‘turtle head’ – ‘kamegashira’ – can also be read as ‘glans’ in English.


After receiving over 4 million views (and hundreds of complaints) the local government decided to yank it from their “Cool Miyagi Summer” YouTube channel.

“We need to be considerate toward those who are unhappy and have negative feelings about it,” said Miyagi Governor Yoshihiro Murai, according to South China Morning Post.

“But I have no doubt the video played its role of attracting visitors to Miyagi prefecture.”

Yah, but for what?

Far be it from us to judge. If ya wanna put some sexy in your brand, all good. But keeping the customer satisfied is always first and foremost. Ok, maybe ‘satisfied’ wasn’t the best choice of words, but you know what we mean.

Carry on.

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