Sexy Chick(en): KFC Japan Continues Creative Spin on the Colonel Sander’s Pride

[su_heading size=”22″]KFC Japan has always done things a little differently than the rest of the franchise. OK, scratch that and let’s try again –KFC Japan has always done things A LOT differently than the rest of the franchise.[/su_heading]

Japan has a busty new chicken mascot to go along with the venerable Colonel Sanders — we don’t yet know her name, but she has been spotted around Japan and, as you can see, she’s one hot chick(en). We’d be remiss not to insert a ‘good enough to eat’ joke here as well.

Bad jokes aside, with this new brand offering, Japan adds another element to it’s unique, three decade-long spin on Colonel Sanders beloved chicken that is loved the world over.


 Japan’s Unique prizes for the Birthday Contest

Last year, to celebrate 30 years of KFC in Japan that chain held a special competition where fans could win a selection of  prizes. Priding itself on technological innovation, brand managers at KFC Japan decided to combine tech with their product offerings and here’s what came out the other end of that brainstorming session.

The Fried Chicken Keyboard

KFC fried chicken keyboard



The 3D Printed Drumstick Earrings

KFC fried 3D printed earrings branding in asia


The 3D Drumstick Mouse

KFC fried chicken computer mouse branding in asia

The Drumstick USB Flash Drive

KFC fried chicken memory stick USB mouse branding in asia


 Japan’s spin on the Colonel


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Before posting this story, I took a look at KFC Japan’s Twitter page where I came across the following menu image.

I gotta ask: Is this bacon-chicken sandwich sticking it’s tongue out or is it getting ready to lap up that little chicken in front of it?

KFC Japan branding in Asia

Thanks Japan, keep the fun stuff coming.

Japan KFC fun

You can visit Japan KFC at

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