Sex Sells, But Will it Get People to Vote? Russian Creative Agency Takes a Shot at it

Russian Russian elections are coming up on the 18th of March and a provocative new get-out-the-vote campaign spot from a regional creative team near Moscow is hoping to get more young people to the polls.

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The 40-second spot is trending on social media in the country, and while there are no subtitles, the general gist is this:


It’s edging up on midnight in the club as the male character sits alone looking at his phone. A woman saddles up next to him, looks him over, and pulls him away to the back of the club for a passionate kiss.

Before the passion it gets too far, she asks him if he’s of age and – here’s the important part – if he has voted.

He replies that, yes, he is an adult and asks her “what’s the point of voting?”


She replies with contempt, ‘Then how can you be an adult?’


The creative team from Kirov said the ad was inspired by a twitter campaign #МнеНеДали (“I was turned down”) which was launched by Maxim Russia calling for people to share unsuccessful and unlucky experiences from their personal lives.


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