Sex isn’t Always Perfect, but with Durex Lube It Can be Pretty Damn Good

Sexual wellbeing brand Durex rolled out its latest spot for the long-running ‘Let’s Lube’ campaign last month in collaboration with Havas London.

The campaign which aims to draw attention to and normalize female sexual discomfort takes on a number of long-held stereotypes that sex is always comfortable and breathtakingly good. The funny spot features a number of women in intimate situations breaking the fourth wall to let us know that, in fact, sometimes it just ain’t that great.

But, thankfully, there’s Durex lube to the rescue. When things are a bit too dry for orgasmic fun a little lube makes a big difference.


‘The Uncomfortable Truth’ is one of those awkward sex talks that you know you should have but always avoid. Except, this one is fun and hopefully will go a long way toward normalizing certain sexual discomforts.


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