Sephora’s Campaign Charts a Woman’s Journey With Her Reflection

Sephora has launched a new campaign dubbed “The Unlimited Power of Beauty” as the French beauty company shifts its brand positioning.

“The Unlimited Power of Beauty is a new, powerful campaign that is deliberately different from previous years,” said Olivier Vigneaux, the CEO for BETC Digital. “It is both universal in its casting and intimate in its tone and imagery, allowing viewers to see themselves in the story and discover the potential of their own beauty.”

In a three-minute ad directed by German creative Jonas Lindstroem, we are told the story of a woman’s life-long relationship with her reflection throughout her life childhood to being an adult.


The film is anchored by a haunting 2019 remake by Kelsey Lu of the 10cc classic, “I’m Not in Love”.

Along with the film, Sephora has tapped British photographer Nadine Ijewere to shoot a series of 12 prints that carry the brand’s message.

“The Unlimited Power of Beauty touches people’s hearts because it shows what the power of beauty can create in everyone,” said Lisa Attia, senior vice-president, merchandising and image EME.


“It is also an inspiring campaign and brand position for all Sephora’s employees — a way to feel invested in a community far beyond sales and performance. We all have this power in our hands. Celebrating the diversity of the beauty industry is part of our brand DNA.”


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