Japan Lodges Protest Over South Korean Government’s ‘East Sea’ Campaign Video

The ongoing disputed between Japan and South Korea over the name of the body of water that divides them continues as Japan has lodged a protest over a video calling for the additional use of the name “East Sea” to accompany the name Sea of Japan on all maps and documents.

The six-minute video, which uses English and Korean to make its case, was produced by the South Korean Foreign Ministry and uploaded to their official YouTube channel. It pointedly calls out its neighbor on the issue saying that “Japan knows the truth.”

It pointedly calls out its neighbor on the issue saying that “Japan knows the truth.”


On the channel the ministry writes:

This video was produced by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Korea in order to share the historical significance of the name, “East Sea,” which has been used for over 2,000 years, and legitimacy of the indication “East Sea” in accordance with resolutions of relevant international organizations based on objective historical facts.


We invite you to watch and share this video on the East Sea, the oldest name for this sea.

The Video will be released in 10 more languages, including Japanese and Chinese later this month the ministry said.

“Our government has put effort into spreading the use of the name East Sea through reaching out to foreign governments, international organizations and private publishers of maps and the press,” Cho June-hyuck, the Korean Foreign Ministry spokesman, said in a briefing. “This video was produced as an extension of such efforts, and we plan to continue to actively work toward improving the use of East Sea.”

Japan rejects video, celebrates ‘Takeshima Day’

“The Sea of Japan is established internationally as the only name (for the sea). Japan cannot accept the contents of the video,” said Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga during a press conference.

The debate is one of the several ongoing diplomatic entanglements between the two countries. Japan also claims a pair of South Korean-controlled islets in the Sea of Japan (East Sea), calling them “Takeshima”, while South Korea, who currently occupies the rocky islets, refers to them as “Dokdo”.

On Wednesday, the Shimane Prefecture held their annual “Takeshima Day” ceremony to further Japan’s claims. A senior central government representative was in attendance at the festivities held on the west coast of Japan, reports the Japan Times.


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