Santa Falls in Love With Harry in Heartwarming Christmas Ad From Norway – ‘When Harry Met Santa’

Norway’s postal service, Posten, has released a heartwarming Christmas film for 2021 that tells the story of Santa and an evolving romance with a man on his route named ‘Harry.’ The ad was made to celebrate 50 years since same-sex relationships were decriminalized in in the country.

The nearly 4-minute long spot called “When Harry met Santa,” starts with the moment Harry first meets Santa while he is dropping off presents. When they see each other they lock eyes before jolly ol’ St. Nick quickly disappears up the chimney onto the next house for his annual deliveries.

Their annual one-night exchanges, which evolve into engaging conversations with the short time Santa has to spare during his busiest night,  continue over the years, with Harry now making an extra effort to look his best for his newly-found crush. In one emotional farewell, he lovingly lets Santa know, “I’ll miss you.”


Leading up to the next Christmas we see Harry writing a letter to Santa, quoting the Christmas sage, Mariah Carey, by writing “All I want for Christmas is you.”

This year, Santa arrives early at Harry’s house as Posten delivers the parcels to his front door, with St. Nick saying, “Well, I arranged some help this year…so I can be with you.”

Lovely. Though the ad offers no insight on the state of his nuptials with Mrs. Claus, we assume she is all good with it, or for the sake of artistic license for this film, they were never married at all.

Check it out. It’s wonderfully filmed, perfectly cast, and an all-around lovely piece of film work with an important holiday message of love and caring for all.


“It is so nice to see that we have created a new tradition at Posten, looking into Christmas institutions and folklore from different perspectives, with a grand Christmas ad every year,” said Monica Solberg, marketing director at Posten.

“And what better way to follow up last year’s angry Santa than with pure love this year.”

The film was directed by Sacarias Kiusalaas through production company B-Reel Films.

The campaign also features three shorter versions of the film.


Client: Posten (The Norwegian Postal Service)

Marketing Director: Monica Solberg

Agency: POL (Oslo, Norway)

Copywriter: Rikke Sofie Jacobsen
Art Director: Pia Emilie Lystad
Account Director: Marius Eriksen
Account Manager: Kristin E.B. Scheele
Design/Motion: Ole Jacob Bøe Skattum

Film Production: B-Reel Films

Director: Sacarias Kiusalaas
Producer: Anisa Dzindo
DOP: Tim Lorentzén
Executive Producer: Rikard Åström
Editor: Nils Andersson
Sound: Calle Budde Roos/Ponytail
Grade: Oskar Larsson/Tint
VFX: HaymakerFX
Online: Evelina Åström/Tint
Music: Stockholm Music Gymnasium Youth Choir 22

Bobby McGill

Bobby McGill

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