Sangsom Rum Supports Thai Artists During Covid-19 Lockdown With ‘The Portfunlio’ Drinking Card Game

    By Harold Henry - Oct 12, 2020
    Sangsom Rum Supports Thai Artists During Covid-19 Lockdown With ‘The Portfunlio’ Drinking Card Game

    Creative agency Sour Bangkok and popular Thai rum brand SangSom have partnered to help Thai artists who are suffering from canceled exhibitions, closed weekend markets, and loss of income for their artistic work.

    To help artists get through the difficult times, the brand found that during the lockdown, home alcohol consumption increased. So they decided to make the most of these at home drinking moments in a creative way. That’s how the ‘The Portfunlio’ was born. A matching art game that matches more than cards. It matches artists with brands with special edition cards, each matching pair of cards featured the work of a Thai artist along with each artist’s name and contact info. The artworks were selected from more than 800 submissions.

    The ‘Portfunlio’ cards were distributed to owners and marketers of companies that could put their beautiful work to use in a business-like fashion, cafes, restaurants, hotels, spas and beauty clinics, event advertising agencies, and more.

    The campaign success reflects that special edition cards game is a stress relief tool and its connection among art lovers during these difficult times with art preferably over a glass of SangSom.


    Client: SangSom
    Agency: SOUR Bangkok
    Managing Director: Pimmard Leenutaphong
    Executive Creative Director: Damisa Ongsiriwattana
    Associate Creative Director: Nopparath Eksuwancharoen
    Copywriter: Rujrada Rienvatana
    Art Director: Supapit Tipsomponddee
    Senior Account Manager: Somruetai Sanchayakorn
    Social Media Director: Napas Warasestasak
    Planner: Popethorn Parkpittchaya
    PR & Social Media Manager: Jiraphat Chaithongkham
    Producer: Wuttipon Thanopajai
    Photographer: Patcha Kitchaicharoen
    Prop Stylist: Pimfun Chaisongcroh
    Photographer Assistant: Worapot Jaikla, Yodboon Satyalakha, Manliga Wongmeangma
    Prop Stylist Assistant: Thanaporn Boonpak
    Propman: Chaiyo Loeamornpagsin
    Retouch: Thodsaphon Khongkam
    Animation: Fuum Studio


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