Japan Wants Global Athletes to Train in the ‘Home of Samurai Spirit’

The Tokyo 2020 Olympics might seem far off, but the athletes hoping to compete are already hard at work to get there. In an effort to reach out to them, Japan’s Saga Prefecture and the Saga Sports Commission have have launched a campaign designed to draw athletes to train there by drawing on warrior spirit of the Samurai.

“In Japan there is a mindset that has lived on through the ages of men who fought with pride. The same spirit that drove these men can be found in today’s athletes,” Saga said in a statement released with the following video campaign.

“The aura of this spiritual birthplace of the Samurai, “SAGA” will inspire the hearts and minds of all of them. Saga will therefore make a good base for these kindred spirits, a place where they will instantly feel at home. SAGA Home of ‘The spirit of the Samurai'”


“I am very pleased to be given the opportunity to be involved in the world’s largest sporting event, the Olympic Games, which people across Japan and the globe are excited about,” said Masato Mitsudera, head of creative, Geometry Global Japan. “I hope foreign athletes will feel the Samurai spirit flowing in Saga Prefecture.”

Ad Credits

Agency: Geometry Global Japan(GGJ)
Production: TYO/MONSTER
Account executive: Naoki Miyazoe
Account executive: Taysuaki Yoshioka
Creative director: Masato Mitsudera
Copywriter: Ryo Kobayashi
Producer: Masao Omokawa
Production manager: Ryuichi Kumamoto
Production manager: Kazuaki Ota
Director: Kei Uehara
Cameraman: Miki Ogawa
1st Assistant cameraman: Kazuhiko Takahashi
2nd Assistant cameraman: Kohei Sato
Cameraman (interview/drone): Yuta Shimotsu
Special equipment operator (drone): Tetsuo Motoyama
1st lighting assistant: Kitaoka Yuzuru
2nd lighting assistant: Nariaki Nagasawa
Stylist: Sakiko Taura



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