Samsung’s Vacuum Division Has Had Some Fun Ads Over the Years

Cheil India recently developed a print campaign for Samsung’s robotic vacuum cleaner to promote how it’s collision sensor technology will keep your valuables from being rammed while it’s cleaning your floors.

It occurred to us that Samsung has actually commissioned a lot of great ads for its vacuum cleaner division over the years. We decided to put some of them together for you.

Making vacuums exciting is not the easiest task, but Samsung hired the right people and got, for the most part, some entertaining results.



First up, the latest, created this month by Cheil India for the Robotic Vacuum. The tagline, referring to your valuable items: “Because they can’t fight back.”

Spartan 420mm Spartan 420mm Spartan 420mm

Here is a TV spot from way back in 1997 with the tagline, “Sorry, too Strong”.


This hard to miss ad, created by the Leo Burnett agency in Amsterdam, was displayed in the Holland subway station in 2007.

Samsung Naked woman suck vacuum

These print ads, also from 2007, entitled “Husband” and “Wife”, were created by Cheil Seoul. (We would suggested the tagline, “Get rid of your demons” had they asked.)

Samsung Vacuum Ad - Branding in Asia 7 Samsung Vacuum Ad - Branding in Asia 11

This series of ads were created by FP7 DOHA in Qatar in 2010.

Samsung Vacuum Ad Samsung Vacuum Ad Samsung Vacuum Ad

This frenetic 2013 ad, called “Cute Baby vs Motion Sync”, is quite fun. The tagline is, “Easy to move, hard to catch.” The American media was quite taken with it as well.

This series of print and TV ads was created by the Leo Burnett Milan agency in 2010.

Samsung Vacuum Ad - Branding in Asia 12

samsung navibot

Samsung Navibot tennis ad woman

Getting back to the bowling theme, here is a TV spot developed for international markets promoting the Navibot model.

And finally, this spot shows the making of a very clever outdoor ad put together by Saatchi Netherlands in 2014.

If we missed any, please lets us know in the comments section.

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