Samsung’s Tells iPhone Users to Get Off the Fence and Come Into the Fold

“You don’t want to leave. We’re waiting for all that to come over here.”

Samsung has released a new ad mocking Apple’s iPhone for making users wait for useful features. While Apple might retort that it wants to make sure they work right before selling them, Samsung looks to convince you otherwise.

The ‘On the Fence’ ad is another in a growing list of ads from Samsung mocking Apple. Some of the ads over the years had to later be pulled after Samsung ended up doing the very thing it was mocking Apple for – such as removing the headphone jack.

In the latest ad, a smartphone user climbs up onto an actual fence symbolizing the divide between Samsung and Apple while Apple Genius-like person intervenes


“You don’t want to leave,” says the Genius-like man. “We’re waiting for all that to come over here.”

Whether Apple will come out with a foldable phone, we will have to wait and see.


Samsung has been going after Apple a lot following the announcement of the iPhone 14, including a series of Tweets poking fun at Apple’s latest flagship devices.

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