Samsung’s Flipvertising – Google Your Way Towards Seeing a Winning Ad

“This might be the first time in my career we’ve made an ad that people actually want to be targeted by.”


Samsung Australia


CHEP Network


You know how when you google something like “cute kangaroos” and suddenly you start seeing ads on the web featuring travel to Australia?

Well, Samsung Electronics Australia recently launched a novel campaign idea via CHEP, encouraging people to google certain search terms with the hopes of getting retargeted by ads about the brand’s foldable Galaxy Z Flip – all of this in an effort to view the winning ad.

“Research showed us that when it comes to product launches, people are influenced more by real people creating their own content and reviews, so we wanted to drive our ad-wary audience to all that great stuff that was already out there,” said Mark Tallis, creative director, CHEP.


According to Samsung: “Each time you solve a clue, you’ll unlock a film that hints to what you should search next. Watch all 3 films and the winning ad will begin to target you – so keep both eyes peeled and follow the film’s instructions fast enough to get your hands on a Galaxy Z Flip4.”


Cameron Dowsett, creative director, CHEP said, “This might be the first time in my career we’ve made an ad that people actually want to be targeted by. Kudos to our creative team Joe and Will, for making me turn my ad-blocker off for the first time in a decade.”


The first person each day for ten days to watch all three videos and be retargeted by the hidden ad won a Galaxy Z Flip4. After that, anyone who is served the ad during the promotional period goes into a draw to win one of four Galaxy Z Flip4 phones.

“By trying to get retargeted by the Google algorithm, they’d find themselves watching an endless stream of amazing Galaxy Z Flip4 content that already existed,” said Garry McGregor, vice president, mobile experience division, Samsung Electronics Australia

“We know there’s been a doubling in consideration for Foldables among 18–45-year-olds and Gen-Z specifically showing a colossal 273% increase since last year. We expect many Australians will embark on their very own Galaxy search adventure.”

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Samsung Australia
Eric Chou, Director of Product & Marketing
Joanna Baxter, Head of Marketing Communications, MX
Maureen Benson, Communications Planner
Lilly Lloyd, Marketing Manager
Alexander Campbell, Social Media Marketing Lead

Creative & Media Agency: CHEP Network

Production Company – Sweetshop
Director – Max Barden
Executive Producer – Greg Fyson

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