Samsung’s ‘Clash of Commuters’ – Battle your way from A to B

“As more and more people turn to gaming on their commute, we saw an opportunity to create a campaign that better represents them.”

Samsung Electronics Australia has partnered with CHEP Network and Livewire for the launch of Clash of Commuters; a mobile gaming marketing campaign that plays in the space that most mobile gamers actually game in; the commute.

According to the campaign, the integrated experience is designed to celebrate the rise of on-the-go gaming while also showcasing the capabilities of the Galaxy S24 Ultra.

As the gaming landscape continues to evolve, Samsung recognizes the growing importance of mobile gaming among Australian consumers.


The campaign cites recent gaming research conducted by Samsung Electronics Australia revealed that 48% of Australian gamers are using smartphones as their primary gaming device, highlighting the significance of mobile gaming in the market. Clash of Commuters challenges gamers to prove their skills in a gamified version of the real-world setting where mobile gaming truly comes alive – the daily commute.

From 2 May to 30 May 2024, Clash of Commuters invites players to defend a public transport bus as it meanders through a unique, dystopian, Australian commuter landscape in a Fortnite Creative experience created by Gamefam.

“At Samsung we’re committed to improving customer experience through product innovation with industry leading devices like the Galaxy S24 Ultra with Galaxy AI, and our approach to marketing is no different,” said Eric Chou, Head of Mobile eXperience, Samsung Electronics Australia.


“We’re proud to collaborate with industry leaders to create Clash of Commuters, an interactive mobile experience for Australians that goes beyond the traditional home gaming setup.”

Paul Meates, Executive Creative Director at CHEP Network, added: “As more and more people turn to gaming on their commute, we saw an opportunity to create a campaign that better represents them. To find a true legend in the mobile gaming realm, the game needs to exist in the realm where mobile gaming is played. It needs potholes, it needs distractions and cramped spaces, and perhaps even an element of motion sickness.”

To help this idea live on the streets, stations and transport that Aussie commuters inhabit, Samsung and CHEP Network will utilise out-of-home advertising targeting commuters during their daily commute. Bus wraps, train platform ads, and tram wraps will encourage commuters to join the battle, while QR codes will provide easy access to the experience and will help lead people to defend their local route.

Additionally, interactive experiences in Sydney and Melbourne will allow local commuters to immerse themselves in the competition in a derailed train carriage, made in partnership with The Glue Society and Revolver, and experiencing the ‘Clash of Commuters’ gameplay on the ultimate mobile gaming device; the Galaxy S24 Ultra.

In the traditional digital gaming space, the campaign will also grab attention through some of Australia’s biggest gamers such as Lachlan, Loserfruit, Crayator and Cynical Sakura as well as sporting personas such as Rob Whittaker and Mitch Robinson, all of whom will help showcase the Galaxy S24 Ultra’s gaming power with live-streams and videos of their mobile gaming experience engaging in Clash of Commuters


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