Samsung Teaches CPR to China’s Online Gamers During Their Gaming

    By Harold Henry - May 24, 2019
    Samsung Teaches CPR to China’s Online Gamers During Their Gaming

    For Samsung’s 2019 Corporate Social Responsibility Project, Cheil created a campaign to help young Chinese acquire CPR skills.

    Dubbed “BACK2LIFE”, Cheil cooperated with Blood River, which is one of China’s most famous MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) game platform, and hacked in this game to get gamers to learn life-saving CPR.

    In China, less than 1% know how to perform CPR. The BACK2LIFE campaign, created jointly by Cheil PengTai and Cheil Worldwide Hong Kong, aimed to solve this problem.

    Even though it’s a matter of life-and-death, most people only realize the importance of CPR when they’re faced with death. Making use of the fact that China is the world’s largest game market, the campaign sought to leverage the virtual moment of death in the game as a way to give young people CPR training.


    When gamers lost their lives in the game, they unexpectedly found out that CPR can revive their role. After several times of virtual deaths in the game, the game player repeatedly receives training for CPR. That means, the more they play, the more CPR training they get.

    During the two-week hijack in the Samsung Galaxy Store, over 3 million gamers performed CPR training to bring their characters back to life, said Cheil.

    “In a country where less than 1% know how to perform CPR, BACK2LIFE is an idea in which creativity plays an important role,” said Steve Feng, Chief Marketing Officer of Samsung Electronics, Greater China. “By creating a fun and easy way to learn CPR, BACK2LIFE uses life-changing creativity to potentially save lives.”


    Advertising Agency: Cheil PengTai/Cheil Worldwide Hong Kong
    Creative Director: Kimmy Liu/Paul Chan/Wilson Ang
    Art Director: Kimmy Liu/Ting Yu/Qing Tian/Xue Li/Yining Yin
    Copywriter: Paul Chan/Wilson Ang
    Account Director William An/Cherry Lan
    Director/Production Co.: BigFish

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