Samsung to Collaborate with Reuters on B2B Business Pursuits

Samsung has announced a collaboration Reuters that will explore the development and optimization of enterprise solutions through their joint expertise in mobile security, electronic devices and intelligent information technology for businesses and professionals.

“The collaboration with Thomson Reuters gives us a unique opportunity to create the unrivaled user experiences that will make individual employees more productive and businesses more successful” said Dr, WP Hong, President and Chief Marketing Officer of Samsung Electronics.

“To meet the enterprise consumers’ ever-evolving expectation, the two companies will explore a variety of business opportunities together.”


“Delivering new, innovative and relevant solutions to our customers is vital,” said James C. Smith, president and chief executive officer of Thomson Reuters

“Samsung’s variety of product ecosystems demonstrate our common commitment to supporting customers and connecting global commerce”

Exactly what they are going to do is still unclear, but something’s cooking between the two.

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The Staff

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