Samsung says ‘Show Them How it’s Done’ in New Campaign

The campaign spotlights the versatility of the Samsung Galaxy device ecosystem.


Cheil India has created a new campaign for Samsung’s ‘Back to Campus’ Offer, to inspire students as they prepare to return to school after the summer holidays.

The campaign, named ‘Show Them How It’s Done’, spotlights the versatility of the Samsung Galaxy device ecosystem.

At the heart of this campaign is the brand film that follows the journey of three students – a podcaster, a DJ, and a designer.


“Today’s youngsters have an unquenchable thirst to learn more, do more and be more. In their stride to pursue their passion, these go-getters need the technology which helps them unleash creativity, enhance productivity, and express themselves fully. With Samsung’s new ‘Back to Campus’ campaign, we are democratizing the connected power of Samsung Galaxy ecosystem for students across India. As the new generation of ambitious students work towards their dreams, Samsung equips them to keep pushing boundaries and show the world how it’s done,” said Aditya Babbar, Vice President, MX Business, Samsung India.

Vikash Chemjong, CCO, Cheil India, added, “The Gen-Z’s and Gen-Alpha’s of the world, today, are putting their talent on display. Therefore, when the world doubts their determination, they go out and “Show Them How It’s Done”. By displaying the creative potential of the Galaxy ecosystem in our films, we aim to communicate how students can bolster their productivity and explore to make a mark.”


“The exciting campaign films attempt to render how young students are zealously pursuing their passion these days. By showcasing the journey of three students with diverse backgrounds and interests, we are depicting the impact that Samsung’s connected ecosystem of Galaxy devices bring to the table. Our focus lies in inspiring students to take the leap of faith towards their passion and “Show Them How It’s Done”, said Sanjeev Jasani, COO, Cheil SWA.


Agency: Cheil India
Chief Operating Officer: Sanjeev Jasani
Chief Creative Officer: Vikash Chemjong
Campaign Director: Kapshin Cho
National Head, Cheil India – Samsung Business: Mandeep Sharma
Chief Strategy Officer: Sourav Ray
HOD Computing Business: Saksham Kohli
Group Creative Directors: Manoj Pandey, Sachin Ambekar
Creative Team: Prabhjeet Singh Oberoi, Puneet Gupta & Deepak Kumar
Account Management Team: Kovid Ummat, Sonali Gupta, Mansi Ahuja
Strategy Team: Arnab Datta Chaudhuri & Sobhanjan Mallick
Films Producer: Revati Ahuja

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