Samsung ‘Looking Into’ Cases of Overheating Replacement Phones

Following reports that replacement Galaxy Note 7 devices are overheating, Samsung has said it is  looking into reports that phones are becoming uncomfortably hot during use. It is replacing 2.5m Note 7 handsets that could explode and catch fire.

Samsung said it is now “looking into” these complaints, according to The Wall Street Journal and that they are aware that some replacement phones appear to be overheating.

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U.S. and South Korean customers have reported the new Note 7 handsets get so hot during a phone call that they cannot be held against the ear. It was reported that in some cases Samsung has offered a third replacement device to consumers.

“There have been a few reports about the battery charging levels and we would like to reassure everyone that the issue does not pose a safety concern,” Samsung said in a statement to The Wall Street Journal yesterday. “In normal conditions, all smartphones may experience temperature fluctuations.”

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