Samsung Removes Name from Phones Sold in Japan

How bad are things in Japan for Samsung? They’re removing the name from the phones.

Yes, that’s right. They will now simply be known as “Galaxy.”

Japan has always been a tough market foreign brands and Korean brands are no different. Korean automotive giant Hyundai gave up entirely on the Japanese market –pulling out back in 2009.


For Samsung this is especially tough as they roll our there Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge flagship smartphones with the Galaxy brand on it instead of Samsung name.

A Samsung official said it is nothing more than the fact that the Galaxy brand is “well established in Japan” so the new phones will be launching with the “Galaxy” and not with “Samsung” like everywhere else in the world.

Well established?


The company holds only 5% of the smartphone market in Japan, despite having 25% globally, according to Counterpoint Research. Apple leads the pack in Japan with 51% of the market, with the rest going to Japanese firms such as Fujitsu, Sharp and Sony. Samsung’s position was as high as 16% in May 2014.

Some attribute the decision to tense diplomatic relations between Japan and South Korea.

Perhaps the company hopes Japanese consumers won’t realize the galaxy is not from Samsung of South Korea?