Samsung Deletes Ads Mocking Apple for Removing Headphone Jack – Since They Removed it Now Also

Image: YouTube

Remember those ads Samsung made a few years back where they mocked Apple for discontinuing the headphone jack on iPhones? Well, now that the South Korean tech giant has decided to also remove the 3.5mm port from its Galaxy Note 10 devices, they’ve also decided to remove the mocking ads. Albeit completely absent the fanfare involved when they launched the spots.

Spin the clock back to 2016 when Apple released the iPhone 7 that forced users to employ a dongle to listen to audio on the device. Soon after Samsung released the ads as part of a campaign making fun of their rival’s decision while encouraging consumers to switch to their Galaxy line of phones which still had the 3.5mm jack – until now.

While Samsung has pulled the ads from its official channels, copies of the series still are out there on the interwebs. The one specifically making fun of Apple’s lack of a jack starts around the 50 second mark.


The missing ads were first discovered by Business Insider, which noted that the ad “Growing Up” has been removed from the main Samsung YouTube channel and the Samsung Mobile USA channel. The ad was launched by Samsung in November 2017 to promote the Galaxy Note 8. MacRumors noted that similar anti-dongle ads released in 2018 have also disappeared this year.

Image: YouTube


Samsung is not alone in walking back its previous mockery of Apple which after eventually following in their footsteps. Google also referenced the iPhone’s lack of headphone jack when pitching its Pixel phone, but eventually removed the jack, too.

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