Samsung Opens Massive $300 Million Office in Silicon Valley

Two years after breaking ground, Samsung has opened its new $300 million, 1.1 million square-foot site in San Jose, California –in the heart of Silicon Valley.

The facility will serve as the hub to Samsung’s U.S. operations the company said, adding that the aim is to facilitate collaboration among employees and ensure “more spontaneous encounters between staff, while also bringing nature closer to the workplace to increase employees’ contentment and creativity.”

“We are transforming Samsung into a world‐class example of a truly market‐focused technology company,” said Oh‐Hyun Kwon, Vice Chairman and CEO of Samsung Electronics, during the site’s opening ceremony.

The new 10-story digs, called the Device Solutions America Headquarters, can house up to 2,000 employees and comes complete with a full gym, cafeteria, educational centers and “chill zones.”


Stronger ties in the Valley

The new facility is additionally seen as a move to allow Samsung to better mix in the same circles as locally established tech giants, Apple, Google and Facebook and dozens of others.

As CNET aptly put it: “In Silicon Valley, where spontaneous meetings and random encounters on the street, at restaurants and on hiking trails are a part of daily deal making, Samsung has been seen as missing in action.”

Samsung has actually been in the Valley since 1983, but the new complex is a move towards unifying its presence. Now it’s smart devices, R&D in semiconductors, LEDs, and displays will all be run from one location, along with support staff from other areas such as sales and marketing.


“Today represents a major milestone as we open our most strategically important Samsung facility in the U.S. and also our biggest investment in Silicon Valley,” said Jaesoo Han, Samsung’s devices president in America.

“With this we are positioning ourselves very well for decades of future growth,” Kwon said.

“Today, Samsung Electronics is laying the groundwork for a more aggressive rate of growth over the next two decades.”

Global architecture firm NBBJ designed the campus which has a seven-story parking garage and green spaces linking the campus.

“The design seeks to encourage interaction among staff, foster connections with the community and provide a space to attract employees in the highly competitive tech market,” Samsung said.

Here is an animated tour from back when they broke ground.


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