Samsung Launches ‘Model Homes’ Immersive Shopping Experience

Created by BBH Singapore, the immersive world seeks to replicate a department store approach for consumers.




BBH Singapore

BBH Singapore has unveiled a new shopping format for Samsung called ‘shoppable worlds’ which features Samsung home appliances including the brand’s Bespoke line and lifestyle TVs.

“It has been developed to recognize that social commerce does not have to be led by a push-to-buy approach,” Samsung said. “Instead, the audience can enjoy the journey from the first time it sees a product to the moment of purchase.”

The format creates immersive worlds that draw the audience, followed by an experience that replicates a successful ‘department store’ approach, the brand added.


“E-commerce is typically approached and viewed as purely transactional. But that’s not how people behave online.,” said Sascha Kuntze, Chief Creative Officer at BBH Singapore. “People no longer ‘go shopping’; they are always shopping.”

The first series features room sets created by designers and miniature model makers Ruchika Nambiar, Robb & Jess of Jessica Cloe Miniatures, Briar Nielsen, Hannah Lemon, and Anna Wright. The rooms feature trending styles, from dark academia to grand-millennial to maximalism, to showcase how Samsung products can not only integrate but inspire home designs.

The concept of miniature homes was developed by BBH Singapore for its strong resonance with design-lovers and home decorators. It speaks to craft appreciation and showcases how in interior styling, the little details matter.


Debuting in Indonesia and Thailand today and extending into Singapore in the coming weeks, the campaign will launch on Instagram, augmented by a number of firsthand design diaries from the makers behind the roomsets.

It marks the first use of this new format which the agency developed to deliver more engaging e-commerce through social media.

The team at BBH Singapore carefully planned how the content takes shoppers on a journey from initial inspiration through to action. The Samsung creative mimics the allure of a shop window through miniature room set designs, through to a showroom experience. Lastly, it replicates a smart and friendly shop assistant in selecting a final product tailored to each user as the content evolves.

“This creative seeks to turn scrollers into shoppers, drawing people into the charming worlds of these model homes, filled with craft and interior design flair,” said Olivier Bockenmeyer, Head of Corporate Marketing, Southeast Asia and Oceania at Samsung Electronics.

“Using the twin insights of how people are really using social media and their passion for interior decor, BBH Singapore has shown users how our products can fit into their own lifestyles.”


Agency: BBH Singapore
Chief Creative Officer: Sascha Kuntze
Creative Director: Charlene Chua
Head of Art: Gaston Soto
Art Director: Dawn Abegail Lee
Copywriter: Gwendolyn Lee
Content Creators: Gerard Koh, Sally Liu
Chief Growth Officer, Asia: Megan Morell
New Business Director: Manavi Sharma
Business Director: Jasmine Portman
Account Manager: Crystal Loo
Account Manager: Zina Ng
Strategy Director: Ruth Lim
Strategist: Meili Yeo
Social Content Director: Mathilde Caraccio
Social Specialists: Rebekah Anthony, Kristal Lee
Agency Producer: Cheryl Tiah

Film Production Company: Rolla Productions
Film Director: Jake Nam
Photography Studio: Studio Daydream
Photographers: Dominic Chua, Chloe Cheng
Sound Production: Fuse Adventures in Audio
Miniature Artists: Ruchika Nambiar, Robb & Jess of Jessica Cloe Miniatures, Briar Nielsen, Hannah Lemon and Anna Wright

Client: Samsung Electronics (Southeast Asia & Oceania)
Regional Head of Corporate Marketing: Olivier Bockenmeyer
Regional Head of Media & Marketing Investments: Sidharth Bhasin
Regional Senior Brand Marketing Manager: Roy Lan
Regional Corporate Marketing Management Associate: Mallorie Ng
Regional Head of TV/AV: Germain Clausse
Regional Marketing & Partnerships Lead (TV/AV): Edmond Lim
Regional Business Analysis Assistant Manager (TV/AV): Chloe Erh
Regional Head of Digital Appliances: Daren Tay
Regional Senior Product Marketing Manager (Digital Appliances): Novita Novita
Regional Product Marketing Manager (Digital Appliances): Isobelle Tan
Regional Product Marketing Manager (Digital Appliances): Jerrelin Caballa

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