Samsung Jams With Christie To Wing-sum & Dear Jane in Hong Kong Campaign

    By Harold Henry - Jun 16, 2020
    Samsung Jams With Christie To Wing-sum & Dear Jane in Hong Kong Campaign

    Samsung has partnered with DDB Group Hong Kong to bring together local music artists from different genres for a collaborative “live jam” as part of a promotion of the Galaxy S20 Series’ “Makes 5G Matter”.

    Project S20+5 features a cultural collaboration, in the form of iconic local music artists, Cantonese opera artist, Christie To Wing-sum, and Cantopop band, Dear Jane, performing a unique version of the band’s recent single in a technological collaboration of the S20 and 5G. The footage was shot entirely by 15 of Galaxy S20 placed around both studios.


    “With 5G and the groundbreaking technology of our latest product, creative breakthroughs like this project will become the norm,” said Heidi Yao, Head of Marketing at Samsung for IT & Mobile Communication Business. “We are delighted to be able to offer these opportunities to people and hope that proving capabilities with this campaign can inspire them to make whatever they are passionate about matter.”

    Marco Lam, Executive Creative Director at DDB Group Hong Kong, added “As a big fan of local canton music as well as technology, I have longed for an opportunity like this to break boundaries of music performance. It is essentially a new art form, realised by the coming together of cultural genres in sound and image, as well as technology. It’s been a great experience working with Samsung and all the outstanding music artists to create something genuinely unique and special.”


    DDB Group Hong Kong
    Chief Business Officer: Leo Tsui
    Executive Creative Director: Marco Lam
    Creative Director: Kit Yu
    Digital Lead: Felix Fong
    Senior Copywriter: Kelvin Wong
    Senior Art Director: Jennifer Cheung
    Photographer: Anthony Fan
    Account Manager: Mandy Chan
    Account Executive: Hayden Leung

    Head of Marketing: Heidi Yao
    Senior Marketing Manager: Tom Wong
    Senior Marketing Manager: Holly Lau
    Senior Marketing Manager: Carol Sung

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