Samsung Drops ‘Have a Good AI Life’ Kits Highlighting Real-Life Benefits of AI Appliances

According to the campaign, the limited-edition kits, which feature household items like rubber gloves, socks, a drinking glass, a towel, and packing tape, were sold out in less than two hours.

Image via Cheil Worldwide

In an effort to entice consumers to use its AI appliances, Samsung and Cheil Worldwide have dropped a limited edition merchandise line of daily necessities in South Korea.

Named “Have a Good AI Life,” the kit to welcome consumers to the new AI Life offered by Samsung features a collection of household items such as rubber gloves, socks, a drinking glass, a towel, a turner, and packing tape.

According to the campaign, the inspiration for the merchandise line was ‘an everyday reminder of effortless life realized by AI appliances.’ The campaign started from the insight that the best moment to promote a better life with AI appliances is when you are burdened by housework.


Have a Good AI Life was conceived by Cheil Worldwide, and designed in partnership with the Korean lifestyle brand Nice Weather.

“Our new merchandise line is made to let wider consumers meet the AI Life, now woven into everyday lives, in a new way,” said KT Kim, VP and Head of Integrated Marketing Communications at Samsung Electronics.

“We plan to unfold a variety of collaborative campaigns for people to experience the new AI Life that only Samsung can offer.”

According to a release, newlyweds are the main target of the campaign since they have a high interest in purchasing appliances.

“Soon-to-be married couples get to buy appliances by themselves for the first time in their lives, and they usually buy multiple appliances altogether. Since they are mostly working couples interested in reducing housework, they possess high acceptability towards AI-enabled appliances.”

Samsung’s Have a Good AI Life Kit

Cheil Worldwide provided the following product descriptions:

Rubber gloves: “AI Life will keep your promise of freeing your partner from household chores. Bespoke AI Dishwasher’s AI custom wash feature intelligently adjusts the washing performance depending on how dirty the dishes are.”

Socks: Take a load off your feet. AI knows your field better. Bespoke Jet Bot Combo™ AI, a robot vacuum and mop cleaner with AI Floor Detect senses the type of floor to clean and adjusts its suction power.”

Drinking glass: “8 cups of water is good for your body and 8K-level resolution is good for your eyes. Neo QLED 8K’s AI Upscaling technology adds immense depth and sharpness to your content.”

Towel: “House towels become hotel towels as AI does everything so smart from washing to drying. With AI Opti Wash & Dry™, the all-in-one washer and dryer Bespoke AI Laundry Combo™ recommends optimal laundry cycles based on the user’s needs.”

Turner: “Tastes better when it is hand-made? Turn your thoughts with an AI recipe. Simply scan the product’s barcode and Bespoke Induction Infinite Line will do the cooking.”

Packing tape: “Adheres to your daily life. Welcome to AI Life, a life like never before.”

“The most effective way to change people’s minds about AI-enabled appliances is to nudge its real-life benefits at the right moment in their daily lives, and Have a Good AI Life exactly does that,” said Seongphil Hwang, Creative Director, Cheil Worldwide.

“The kit was made with consideration of consumers nowadays who expect merchandise line to be both favorable and practical.”

Samsung opened a dedicated page on to give a limited number of consumers the chance to get one of the Have a Good AI Life kits. The kits were sold out in less than two hours, said the campaign.

Following the flood of requests, Samsung re-upped production and brought back the event for an encore that will run for four weeks. Those who post on social media channels of themselves unboxing or using the kit will receive an additional limited edition tray through a lucky draw.


Campaign Title: Have a Good AI Life

Client: Samsung Electronics

Vice President: KT Kim

Marketing Managers: Heejung Jung, Seokjun Bang

Creative Agency: Cheil Worldwide

Creative Director: Seongphil Hwang

Copywriter: Seungree Kang

Art Director: Taeyul Ko

Account Director: Chunhak Im

Account Executive: Jinhwa Ryu, Duin Kwon, Jiho Shin

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