Samsung and Cheil ‘Reunite’ Korean Families With 3D Face Prediction Technology

Imagine your country was torn in half and you could never see your family again. This is a reality faced by Koreans where the estimated number of remaining families in South Korea separated by the Korean War is around 66,000.

After seven decade, the possibility of reuniting still remains low and with more than 80% over the age of 70, the chances grow less with every passing year.

Ad agency Cheil Worldwide put together a clever campaign for Samsung that gives South Koreans the opportunity to see their family members across the border before they die.


Using old photographs and 3D face prediction technology, the agency was able to recreate images of loved ones and ‘reunite’ families who hadn’t seen each other for 70 years.

The images were used in a three-day exhibition showing the newly created family reunion photos in August last year. Here is the case study video for the campaign.


“The separated families are only few kilometers away from each other, but had to endure decades of yearning,” said Seho Kwon, creative director of Cheil Worldwide. “We wanted to comfort these families who have long been weary of the wait. We believe that The Last Wish campaign will lead to continuous support for the reunion of the separated families.”

Agency: Cheil Worldwide
Advertiser: Samsung
Chief Creative Officer: Jeongkeun Yoo
Creative Director: Seho Kwon
Art Director: Kiho Lee, Seunga Choi, Jungki Seo
Junior Art Director: Wijeon Lee
Copywriter: Hyelim Heo, Jihwan Park, Jisu Won
Account Executive: Wonwha Chung, Changyu Park, Meehyun Cho, Younghae Son,
Sunwoo Joo, Wansoo Park, Jihyun Kim
Production Co.: apc
Producer: Yeon Na, Yuseok Lee
Assistant Producer: Jeehee Rhee
Director: Changjae Lee
Editing Company: Fireworks
Editor: Sewon Oh
Sound Production Co.: Audio Lab
Music Composer: Dongjoon Lee / Movie ‘Brotherhood’ OST
Sound Designer: Hochul Joo
Assistant Sound Designer: Wonwoo Lee
Post Production: Fireworks
NTC: Red Spot
Cinematographer: Youngwoo Lee
Gaffer: Kyungmook Choi
Production Designer: Sooyeon Tae
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Flame Artist: Jaehyun Kim
Computer Graphic Company: ANGLE