Mouse Avoids You So you Don’t Work too Much – Samsung Card’s Innovative Work-Life Balance Campaign

Samsung Card has partnered with Innored to launch an innovative and humorous pair of campaign spots in South Korea that focus on creating a better work-life balance for office workers in today’s hectic world. The campaign, which launched in early August, marks the third installment of the Samsung Card “Number Series.”

Campaign Concept

Research has found that 7 out of 10 workers in South Korea fail to achieve an adequate work-life balance. To address this troubling market insight, Samsung Card partnered with Innored to develop a unique creative solution to the problem of spending too much time at the office and not focusing on the importance of life outside of work. The result is the creation of the “Balance Mouse” and the “Balance Clock” – two clever and unexpected creative concepts to help workers get their work-life balance back in balance.

Balance Mouse

Much like office workers around the world, South Koreans often find it hard to leave the office on time as projects and tasks pile up over the course of the workday. To address this dilemma, Samsung Card and Innored created a uniquely designed computer mouse that prevents workers from being able to use it by intuitively running away from them at the end of regular working hours.


To illustrate this, the campaign film shows an office worker at the end of his standard working day reaching for the mouse to continue his tasks only to find that the mouse avoids him as a reminder that it’s time to call it a day and get back to living his life outside of work.

Balance Clock

“Want to grab a cup of coffee?” “Have a minute to talk?”

While these are friendly overtures from colleagues often heard over the course of the workday, they are also distractions that pull people away from the tasks at hand, and can lead to more time at work to get things done – creating a deficit in the work-life balance.


To address this Samsung Card and Innored created the “Balance Clock”. It looks like a normal clock that sits on your desk, but when a colleague approaches to make small talk or offer up other distractions, you simply turn it over and it sends an alert signal to co-workers to let them know that you’re busy with work.

The Balance Clock is in production development and will be released in October of this year.

With the “Balance Mouse” and the “Balance Clock” campaign films, Samsung Card and Innored have taken a humorous, innovative approach to common dilemmas faced by office workers who long for, and need, a better work-life balance.

Through the creation of the two films using innovative filmmaking and creative storylines, “Balance Makers” illustrates the need for a more mindful approach to work and life, while at the same time demonstrating how Samsung Card creates a better brand experience for its customers.

Campaign Results

The campaign recorded one million views by the fifth day of its launch demonstrating high interest from the audience. The “Balance Mouse” campaign film achieved an impressive organic viewing rate of 14%, with viewers actively sharing the content with friends, family and colleagues.

The popularity of the campaign film additionally led to an appearance on the main page of South Korea’s largest portal site, NAVER, where it ranked number one not only for being the most captivating, but also the most innovative advertisement.

Viewers commenting on the campaign film noted that it stood out from standard cookie-cutter ads through the use of a novel concept and unique approach to ad work.

The mouse was designed by BKID co.

Bobby McGill

Bobby McGill

Bobby is the founder and publisher of Branding in Asia.

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