Samsung Unseats Apple for Top Spot in US Smartphone Market

Samsung has taken back the top spot from Apple in the smartphone market after losing it just eleven months ago.

According to stats from Counterpoint Research, March saw Samsung take 28.8 percent of the US Market, while Apple slid down to 23 percent. LG took third with 17.1 percent, ZTE fourth on 6.6 percent, and Alcatel with 4.5 percent.

Chinese maker Huawei, while making gains in emerging economies worldwide, accounted for just 1 percent of the still elusive U.S. market.


The new Galaxy S7 family has been the driving force behind Samsung’s rise back to the top as Apple tries to hang on with the “S” iteration of the iPhone 6. The iPhone 7 is rumored for a 2016 release –putting big pressure on Apple to shake things up.

Until then, Samsung should make the most of the next few months competing with the under-performing iPhone 6S, while at the same time hoping for a less than stellar upgrade in the iPhone 7.

Apple making more money

And yet, while Samsung sells more phones , Apple remains the king in extracting profit from the smartphone market –which after all, is what really matters the most.

Regardless, the news of ‘outselling Apple’ will have the Samsung marketing team popping champagne corks for the weekend.

In terms of worldwide numbers, Samsung also leads the smartphone market by volume as said Counterpoint Research, holding a market share of 22.8 percent while Apple stood at second with 14.9 percent share.

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