Sammi Cheng Says ‘No More Excuses’ in New Campaign for AXA Hong Kong

AXA Hong Kong urges people to have ‘No More Excuses’ when it comes to health, with over a hundred reminders throughout the city.

A new campaign from AXA Hong Kong was able to pinpoint a hard-hitting truth when it comes to health protection and Hong Kongers – everyone seems to have an excuse when it comes to taking care of themselves, according to the brand.

Whether it be because of convenience, choices, or lack of understanding, Hong Kongers always seem to have a reason not to find the best health protection plans for themselves.

To help remove these excuses, AXA Hong Kong is pitching its AXA WiseGuard Pro Medical Insurance Plan with an integrated campaign leveraging over a hundred real-life excuses from extensive social listening to create hundreds of reminders for people to rethink their health plans.


These real-life excuses also became the inspiration behind two colorful films featuring brand ambassador, Sammi Cheng.

Data was used in the campaign to target the relevant audience and their excuses. Hundreds of reminders, in the form of pre-roll YouTube ads and programmatic digital ads, offered contextual messages of the excuses as well as how to address the excuse with AXA.



“Understanding that consumers have different excuses when it comes to taking action to secure their healthcare plans, we leveraged deep social listening to create hundreds of reminders to target them in everyday life,” said Andrea Wong, Chief Marketing and Customer Officer.

“This ensures we are talking to them at the right moment and right place. See if you can spot our reminders!”


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