Saham Rakyat Embraces its Grassroots in New Campaign for Indonesian Investors

The “Durian Runtuh” or “Struck by Fortune” campaign, is inspired by a popular Indonesian proverb: “Bagai mendapat durian runtuh”.


Saham Rakyat


Lup Jakarta

Working together with their creative partner Lup Jakarta, Indonesia-based trading platform Saham Rakyat has launched a new campaign highlighting its app which allows people to invest and trade, as well as learn how to best invest their money.

The app launched last year with the #LetsTalkStocks campaign, which used alien characters to illustrate the basic problem faced by those looking to start trading for the first time: that the “language of trading” is incomprehensible to the average person.  Saham Rakyat has now launched a tactical campaign in collaboration with Ultra Voucher. To “give the users a little surprise during the holiday season” with every trading transaction within the app earning points that can be exchanged for a variety of shopping vouchers from Ultra Voucher.

The “Durian Runtuh” or “Struck by Fortune” campaign, is inspired by a popular Indonesian proverb: “Bagai mendapat durian runtuh” (translated: like a stroke of fortune, metaphorized by a durian falling right on you).


The campaign features many popular Indonesian proverbs and effectively conveys its simple message by speaking in the language of the target audience, echoing their beliefs and superstitions.

“When you trade little by little, one day you can get a voucher”, inspired by the proverb that translates to “a little helps (towards the end sum)”


After trading comes coffee”. A positive spin on the proverb that translates to “bad luck comes in threes”



“More trading, more fortune”, inspired by the Indonesian saying that translates to “more children, more fortune”

“Given the tendency for Indonesian advertising to turn to English in its communications in order to appear more international, this Saham Rakyat campaign, which incorporates local culture and stays true to its Indonesian roots, is a breath of fresh air,” said Lup.

“As a popular saying goes, ‘When in Indonesia, do as the Indonesians do.'”


Client: Saham Rakyat
Agency: Lup
Executive Creative Director: Albert Chan
Account Director: Ahmad Syakbani
Copywriter: Skolastiks Rosari Rustian, Refo Angkasa, Rizqi Prasya Art Director: Amalia Azra Maharani, Michellene Huang
Account Executive: Rivka Rompis
Production Studio: Wave Studio
Photographer: Norman Fideli
Producer: Dita Anissa, Marsha Diana Putri

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