Safeguard Launches Campaign Celebrating 30th Year in China via Grey Hong Kong

The online campaign was launched featuring Chinese celebrity Gong Jun.




Grey Hong Kong

From the familiar bar of white soap used by mothers to wash their children’s hands to the fragrance of soap that accompanies families resting in the shade after a fresh shower, Safeguard has been a reassuring presence in the lives of families in China and always with the added attention placed on health protection.

With its decades-long existence in so many households, the brand decided to celebrate its 30 years in a unique way by creating a limited-edition scent that accentuated the Safeguard memories of childhood and family nostalgia, alongside a film and other social communications.

To most people, the scent of Safeguard is also the scent of protection.


The online campaign was launched featuring Chinese celebrity Gong Jun who also participated in numerous public events to promote the limited-edition fragrance. The film was distributed across digital platforms such as Weibo and WeChat and is a week long campaign.

Fanny Fan, President, Personal Cleansing & Care China and Global Safeguard Franchise, said, “We are thankful to you all. With the scent of Safeguard, may protection stay unchanged and continue to make every person feel reassured and cared for.”


Joe Yue, Creative Partner of Grey Hong Kong, said, “Safeguard is an important brand that has been a part of households in China for three decades. We wanted to make this campaign special and to celebrate this significant event. What better way than a holistic campaign featuring a limited edition signature scent filled with nostalgia!”

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