Safari Launches ‘Second Life’ Campaign Bridging Generational Gap via McCann Japan

“Second Life” is a place where people can purchase second-hand clothes along with their unique histories.




McCann Tokyo

McCann Japan has partnered together with popular second-hand clothing store SAFARI, for the launch of “SECOND LIFE,” a social commerce platform created to help pass on pre-loved treasured clothing to the next fashion generation in a meaningful way.

Japan is the world’s third-largest clothing market and there is growing interest in vintage fashion, especially considering sustainability concerns around the fast-fashion industry.

There is also a tradition in Japan called “Shukatsu” or end-of-life decluttering, where the elderly let go of excess items. The market value of these discarded items is estimated to exceed one trillion yen, indicating a significant business opportunity.


For the elderly, though, disposing of their possessions can feel like throwing away a part of their lives, which presents a poignant challenge. However, younger generations find value in vintage and secondhand items and prize the uniqueness and stories behind these items. This has given rise to a trend known as “human consumption,” where entertainment and inspiration come from the lives and stories of others.


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By merging these two phenomena, McCann and SAFARI have created a new business model – adding the stories of older people’s lives to their personal possessions and selling them to the younger generation, to create a brand-new shopping experience.

Launched in March, SAFARI’s new e-commerce site, “SECOND LIFE”, is a place where people can purchase second-hand clothes along with their unique histories.

The online store positions the clothing items as cinematic masterpieces, bringing the apparel to life by telling the special stories of each item of clothing – first dates, treasured moments with friends… Learning about the rich stories behind each piece of clothing also inspires the next generation to take care of and cherish their own possessions.

The purchaser receives their chosen item together with the “story” and a postcard with a picture inspired by the story. The item is also accompanied by a “clothing label” indicating the emotional elements that constitute the story.

“When we interviewed elderly people about their memories related to the clothing, their faces lit up with joy. So, we decided to use their words as prompts for an AI-generated image. The art direction is composed of soft, pastel colors to create a nostalgic, gentle and warm atmosphere”, said Kazz Ishihara, ECD, McCann Worldgroup.

Yusuke Tajima of SAFARI added “In the course of running our vintage store, we have had many elderly people use our service. The experience has taught us that each piece of clothing contains a “story,” be it the owner’s memory or unique style. We felt that these “stories” themselves give the items value.

And that is how we came to start the project. We hope that the vintage items will serve as a bridge that connects the elderly to younger generations.”

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Client: SAFARI
Agency: McCann Tokyo
Global Chief Creative Officer – McCann Worldgroup Global: Javier Campopiano
Chief Creative Officer – McCann Worldgroup APAC: Valerie Madon
Executive Creative Director – McCann Worldgroup: Kazz Ishihara
Art Director – McCann: Reika Kobayashi
Copywriter – McCann: Minako Hanzawa
Strategic Planner – McCann: Emi Kimura
Account Supervisor – McCann: Atsuko Egawa
Web Design & Production– MRM: Melissa Boey
Visual AI Creator – MRM: Melissa Boey
Social Media Specialist – MRM: Siqi Li
Senior Producer – Craft: Izumi Okukawa


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