Ryan Reynolds Makes an Erectile Dysfunction Ad – Says it’s ‘Like The Flu, but in Your Pants’

During a recent chat with guest-host, Rob McElhenney on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Ryan Reynolds got to talking about his side hustle and how much he loves marketing. “One of the things that you are really great at is marketing,” said McElhenney. “You have a whole marketing effort.”

“I love it. I’ve always loved it,” Reynolds replied. “You know, I love commercials for like diet storytelling. You know, bite-sized bits of content, they’re lots of fun.”

Reynolds then went on to say that he also put together a commercial with McElhenney’s wife, Kaitlin Olson promoting… erectile dysfunction medication.


“When a moment turns romantic, be ready with Hims,” the narrator says in the spot. “The fact is, 52% of men over 40 will experience some form of erectile dysfunction, so treating it is nothing to be embarrassed about.”



“Personally I think they should make medication to get rid of erections,” said Reynolds. “That’s just me though.”

“It’s quite common for men over 40,” Reynolds adds, in an attempt to console McElhenney. “It’s sort of like the flu but in your pants.”

You can see the entire conversation here:

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