Russell Simmons Announces Launch of GC Studios as ‘Bridge Where East and West’

Global digital talent and marketing group Gushcloud and entrepreneur, social activist, and hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons have launched GC Studios, a global entertainment company, production studio and talent management firm based in Los Angeles, California.

Simmons, who was appointed President in 2019, has helped the organization expand its portfolio of US-based talents and clients. Together with Gushcloud and the Group’s CEO Althea Lim, Simmons facilitated the setup of Gushcloud’s talent agency in Los Angeles, as well as key offices in Shanghai, Hangzhou, and New York.

Gushcloud now has 15 offices in 11 countries, including its headquarters in Singapore. With roots in both the Asian and American markets, to provide western stars effective opportunities, this union’s main goal is to bridge creatives and investors from West and East.


“Today, there is still a large number of people in the West who are unable to gain access to opportunities or chances to showcase their talents, in the US and especially in Asia,” said Simmons. “With our attention on marginalized groups, GC Studios seeks and creates opportunities for underrepresented creators by curating a nurturing environment for talent to grow, navigate and explore their full potential. At the same time, using our vast networks, we are able to better realize the potential of American and Western artists in Asia. ”

Simmons added that “Asia has grown a strong interest in urban and hip hop culture, and with its explosive nature in both parts of the world, it was a natural fit for the company to be a bridge where east meets west so that new opportunities are created. Building this bridge between America and Asia allows our talents to have access to newer and bigger international markets, audiences and platforms that were always difficult in the past to access due to language and cultural barriers; such as China.”


The organization has 250 agents based in Asia who “speak, live and breathe the various cultures,” said Simmons, adding that “Just as how Asian talents need American interest to represent them in America, so do American talents require Asian interest to represent them effectively in Asia.”

With a focus on underrepresented groups in the social media and digital space, GC Studios aims to seek up-and-coming digital content creators to grow and represent. Both top entertainers and digital content creators will be developed across mediums like podcasts, music, vlogs and comedy.

As a talent-centric company, GC Studios delves deep into the culture, interests, and passions of its diverse group of talents, generating content that drives culture-based conversations globally. The roster of talents under GC Studios currently include: Cedric The Entertainer, Kellye Hardy, KmooreTheGoat, Naomi Campbell, Reggie Couz, and Russell Simmons. Collectively, these talents have over 174 million views on YouTube, 17 Million followers on Instagram and over 7 Million followers on Facebook.

Earlier in April, GC Studios rolled out a successful live-streamed comedy fundraiser, dubbed “Def Comedy Jam: Healing Through Laughter”. Hosted by Cedric the Entertainer, the event raised both awareness and aid for the communities affected by COVID-19. It drew more than 1 million viewers across Facebook and Twitch, and featured names such as Usher, Tiffany Haddish, Marlon Wayans and Mike Epps. Making their first Def Comedy Jam appearances were GC Studios’ talents Reggie Couz, Kellye Hardy, and Kmoore The Goat.

“Entertainment has one of the most important roles in society; it has the ability to uplift the mood of the masses and spread hope in times of need. With GC Studios, we will work with talents to amplify goodness and positivity, and also establish the foundations in emerging platforms to help pave the way for both upcoming and established talents to express themselves in new ways,” said Althea Lim.