Rohit Suri Appointed Chief HR Officer, South Asia at Dentsu

    By The Staff - Sep 7, 2021
    Rohit Suri Appointed Chief HR Officer, South Asia at Dentsu

    Dentsu International has announced the appointment of Rohit Suri to the role of Chief HR Officer, South Asia, effective September 15th.

    Based in Mumbai, Suri will build a team in India and Sri Lanka, establishing new skills and talent initiatives while shaping a people-oriented, value-led culture. His core focus will be to drive the India 2.0 transformation journey. He will report into Ashish Bhasin, CEO dentsu Asia Pacific and Chairman dentsu India and Kinch Ong, Regional HR Director, dentsu APAC.

    “This is an exciting time and opportunity to join dentsu and be part of a pioneering team of next-generation leaders. With the pandemic, it is important, now more than ever, that we create real human connections and build a powerful culture,” said Suri.


    “How can we bring incremental value by fostering a team spirit of excellence and togetherness? This is what I plan to achieve, together with my team, in the coming months and I cannot wait to get started.”

    Suri has worked across South Asia, APAC, and Europe. Over the last 16 years, he has held leadership roles spearheading Change, Business Transformation, Leadership Development Programmes, HR Project Management, and Cultural Integration.

    Most recently, he was Chief Talent Officer at GroupM South Asia, leading human resources and talent operations in the region.


    Sunil Seth, HR Operations Transformation Head, South Asia, will continue to support the business with a tighter focus on HR Operations transformation and the Sri Lanka market, reporting to Suri.

    “This is the beginning of our transformation journey and the dentsu India 2.0 path to success. Rohit is a proven, dedicated talent acquisition expert, within the industry and beyond, in driving a high-performance culture. With Rohit on board, he will be a leading force in our journey in building a new team for South Asia,” said Ashish Bhasin, CEO dentsu APAC and Chairman dentsu India.

    “He will ensure we have a compelling talent acquisition strategy for future talent. This is crucial as the region accelerates in growth and continues on the journey to realising our global ambition of becoming the most integrated network in the world, making us more agile and simpler for our clients to access our world-class capabilities and talents.”




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