Rock Posters Goes Green, Offers New Sustainable Ad Space

Australian street poster company, Rock Posters, is now offering its clients the option to print on a greener, more sustainable paper source.

The company says they are now the first outdoor advertiser to use 100% recycled, post-consumer waste Australian-made paper.

“Over the years, artists such as Jack Johnson and John Butler emerged as pioneers by adopting sustainable practices. They were able to force the system to bend to their will and in turn lessen their impact on the environment from every angle,” said Marcus Seal, General Manager of Rock Posters.


“Rock Posters has drawn inspiration from these artists and continues to audit its own processes. So began the search for a better alternative to “partially recycled” paper. A paper that doesn’t require a tree to be grown then cut down, nor shipped across hemispheres for use in Australia.”

In collaboration with Spicers, Rock Posters sourced “Revive Laser”, a paper specifically sheeted for Rock Posters’ large-format dimensions.

“Revive Laser paper is 100% Australian made and produced from 100% Australian wastepaper which delivers better environmental and social outcomes compared to imported recycled papers,” said Cyndi Setia, Marketing & Design Manager from Spicers.

“Revive Laser is FSC® Recycled Certified, reduces Australian landfill, creates Australian jobs, has zero freight carbon emissions, and is certified as Carbon Neutral. Rock Posters decision to use Revive Laser paper will have a lasting and positive impact on the industry.”



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