Robotic Salmon Filets to Rekindle Japanese Kid’s Interest in Eating Fish

Japan is having a classic first world problem. Well, not at all really. It’s so much more than that. And yet, where to begin?

As everyone knows, fish plays an important role in Japanese culture, but the habit of eating fish amongst children is apparently declining. That sounds about right, but here’s where it gets interesting.

“There even are rumors that urban children believe salmon is swimming in the shape of fillets,” reads s PR release from Shizuoka Broadcasting System, who, in conjunction with researchers, are hoping to address the problem.


To combat this disturbingly wrong perception of what a salmon actually is, a group of researchers developed robotic salmon fillets with the intent debunking thoughts that salmon are out there swimming in the sea already filleted and ready for consumption.

The experiment was conducted at an aquarium in Japan to promote an upcoming TV program learning about fish.

Conservationist may not like it, but there is often prudence in fighting one battle at a time.


Have a look-see at the spot for yourself.

Advertising Agency: BBDO Japan / I&S BBDO
Executive Creative Director: Masaki Honda
Art Director: Yoshiyuki Kaneko
Copywriter: Tatsuro Kumaki, Risa Taoka
Production: Niban Kobo
Producers: Reiji Tachibana, Yuji Shikii
Director: Shingo Hashimoto
Photographer: Seitaro Namba
Published: August 2015

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