Rise of the Machines – These Bikes are Not to Be Trifled With in New Budget Direct Ad


Budget Direct


303 MullenLowe

Good Oil Films

Budget Direct has launched a fun new spot which shows that whenever possible you should give eBikes the respect that they deserve. If not, well, then something like this can happen.

This is the latest chapter of the brand’s ‘Insurance Solved’ campaign, this time highlighting how it has once again outnumbered the competition to win Money Magazine’s 2023 Insurer of the Year award.


And, being prepared for unexpected clashes you might not otherwise envision.

Developed by 303 MullenLowe and Budget Direct’s marketing team, the new ‘Rise of the Machines’ ad focuses on a familiar sight in most urban areas – the e-bike and e-scooter – coming to life in a dramatic, if not out of this world car chase, after being knocked to the ground by a Budget Direct customer. Never fear though, with Sarge, Jacs, Chief and Budget Direct on the case, the customer has nothing to worry about.

“Despite being Australia’s fastest growing insurer, Budget Direct refuses to relinquish its challenger mindset,” said 303 MullenLowe Sydney Chief Creative Officer Bart Pawlak.

He added: “There’s an understanding that the hyperbole needs to be particularly hyperbolic and the cultural observations, like the increasingly ubiquitous nature of e-bikes in our cities, particularly on-point. The data keeps confirming that the Australian consumer is enjoying the work too. And as obvious as it sounds, the Australian consumer is the only audience we ever produce this work for.”


Budget Direct Chief Growth Officer Jonathan Kerr added: “We set out to create advertising that you can’t ignore.  It’s designed to really make you feel something, so you bother to pay attention and then via that ‘earned engagement’, our message has a chance to sink in.   Our creative platform allows us to consistently deliver our core narrative but keep the public’s interest by changing gears via ads that sometime leverage humour and other times turn up the drama.”

The Insurance Solved platform – featuring Sarge, Jac and Chief – first launched in 2018 and continues to engage and entertain Australia, according to Kerr: “Budget Direct’s marketing campaign has led to unmatched success with the Australian public, which when combined with our multi-award winning insurance products, continues to make Budget Direct’s marketing campaign the most successful insurance marketing campaign in Australia since its launch.”


Budget Direct
Chief Growth Officer, Growth Ops – Jonathan Kerr
General Manager, Marketing and Communications, Growth Ops – Warren Marsh
Senior Marketing Manager, Marketing, Media & Acquisition, Growth Ops – Katie Lansdale
Marketing Manager, Alliance Products – Cathie Harty
Director of Sales and Service – Tom Johns

303 MullenLowe
Chief Creative Officer – Bart Pawlak
Creative Director – Adam Whitehead
Managing Director – Joanna Gray
Group Business Director – Ben Glasson
Chief Strategic Officer – Jody Elston
Executive Broadcast Producer – Rachel Devine

Production Partners
Production Company – Good Oil Films
Director – Hamish Rothwell
DOP – Crighton Bone
Executive Producer – Sam Long
Producer – Catherine Warner
Editor – Lucas Baynes
Post Production – Blockhead VFX
VFX Supervisor – Nigel Mortimer
VFX Producer – Charlotte Plowman
Music and Sound Company – Sonar Music
Original Composition – Matteo Zingales
Producer – Haylee Poppi
Sound Designer – Timothy Bridge
Stills Photographer – Matt Baker, LOUIS & CO

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