Revolver Named Runner up for Cannes Lions 2024 Palme d’Or

After winning the Film Lions Grand Prix for their work with The Monkeys on Sydney Opera House ‘Play It Safe’, Australian Production company Revolver was awarded runner-up in the Palme d’Or category.

The Palme d’Or, which is presented every year to the most awarded production company at Cannes Lions, was awarded to Smuggler, USA. with the spot going to Uncharted Limbo Collective, UK.


Palme d’Or 2024

1. Smuggler, United States
2. Revolver, Australia
3. Uncharted Limbo Collective, United Kingdom
4. O Positive, United States
5. Iconoclast, France

Earlier in the week, Revolver won the Film Craft Grand Prix with Tony Petersen Film and HeimatTBWA Berlin for Hornbach ‘The Square Meter’.


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