Rest Your Weary Head on a Pillow Full of Money Courtesy of South Korea’s Hana Bank

The ‘Money Dream’ campaign aims to boost the bank’s digital platform and give “wealth energy” to customers by providing eco-friendly pillows made with unfit banknotes, says the brand.

While maybe you can’t go full Scrooge McDuck and swim in a pile of money, you can rest your head on a pillow full of bank notes.

They are recycled, out-of-circulation bank notes, but hey, we all gotta start somewhere.

All of these sweet dreams are courtesy of a promotion last month by South Korea’s Hana Bank, which is offering customers pillows stuffed with recycled banknotes.


“It is a pleasure to imagine sleeping with money as a pillow,” Lee Seong-woong, the department leader who planned the campaign told the Korea Herald.

“I hope this campaign brings fortune to many customers who wish to gain more wealth.”

The campaign also has an eco-friendly angle as well – with the pillows using recycled banknotes. Drawn from what the Herald reports is a total of 20 tons of unfit banknotes that used to be worth 142.4 billion KRW (USD $110 million) targeted to be recycled this year.


Take that, McDuck!

But seriously, and to bring an end to Scrooge McDuck references, the brand worked off the insight that “Many Koreans believe that having a bank-made item at home can bring wealth to the household that owns it.”

Ok, before you get too excited, or you withdraw with uncertainty about whether you want to sleep on a sack of old money – it’s been recycled and actually looks like this:

“We are planning to expand ‘Money Dream’ campaign and aiming to recycle a total of 20 tons (142.4 billion KRW) of unfit banknotes by the end of 2023,” said Kim So-jung, the deputy president of the bank.

“We also hope that this campaign will dramatically increase the recycling rate of banknote waste.”

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