Rent a Finn Contest Offers Travelers Unique Access to the ‘Happiest Country’ in the World

Who said escaping your comfort zone can’t be comfortable? As part of a tourism campaign to celebrate the country having once again been named the world’s happiest place by the United Nations World Happiness Report, Finland’s tourism board earlier this year launched the “Rent A Finn” contest which wrapped up earlier this month.

It is not uncommon to find yourself frustrated and stressed by the big city way of life and what it does to both body and mind. While some try to put up with it, which doesn’t make life better, some pay big money to try and escape, though oftentimes still feeling unfulfilled.

The Finns have you covered – offering a handful of winners the experience of living, traveling, contact with nature and finding your inner peace with a non-professional native guide, ranging from a physiotherapist to a town mayor who will help the chosen travelers “connect with nature and find their calm.”


By “renting” a Finn, you open yourself up to the beauty of the country in both the visual and social sense by having a fresh lunch, going out for a walk in the woods, chatting and sharing your thoughts on whatever.

The Visit Finland video emphasizes that Finns head for the forest when feeling unhappy and that helps them find their inner peace and feel the nature as no one else.

Iaroslav Meshcheriakov

Iaroslav Meshcheriakov

A native of Russia, Iaroslav is currently based in South Korea.

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