Advertising Revolution? TubeMogul to Refund Clients for Fake ad Impressions

Tired of paying for ineffective web ads? You’re not alone. In 2015, global advertisers saw an estimated $6.3 billion go down the drain to fake ad impressions across the web.

TubeMogul says they have the solution which they say essentially erases the threat of ad fraud to advertisers. Starting April 1st they will launch a new initiative that gives refunds for non-human traffic such as bots 

They will do this by issuing credits to platform clients for video ad impressions that have been identified as fraudulent based on White Ops’ proprietary methodology and sophisticated benchmarking. 


Brett Wilson, CEO and co-Founder of TubeMogul, said the new platform gives clients “total certainty as a matter of policy.”

“The NHT Credit Program now gives our clients total certainty as a matter of policy,” said Wilson. “Anyone can say that they are blocking suspicious or non-human traffic, but trust is earned in advertising. We hope that others will follow suit.”

Michael Tiffany, CEO and Co-Founder of White Ops said that TubeMogul “is throwing down the gauntlet, and others like it will help move the industry forward.”

“We can measure all we want, but until there is clear accountability in the system, it’s hard to make significant progress on fixing the problem,” said Tiffany. “Brands need to demand, and providers need to accept, responsibility for the elephant in the inventory.”  

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