Reddit Campaign Says ‘Find Your People’ – For Just About Anything You’re Looking For

"Ever notice how hairs & nails aren't gross until they are off your body?"

Popular form and social platform Reddit has launched its first TV campaign since its unconventional Super Bowl spot in 2021, ‘Superb Owl’ which lasted only five seconds.

The new campaign, created with R/GA and titled ‘Find your people,’ pitches that anyone can find a sense of belonging and connect with other like-minded people among Reddit’s 100,000-plus communities.

“As real-life moments continue to highlight our shared need for understanding and belonging, ‘Find your people’ showcases Reddit’s communities as spaces for everyone to connect and gain honest perspectives from real people with similar interests,” said Reddit’s chief marketing officer Roxy Young.


The campaign, which will run through the summer, includes national TV spots along with connected TV, digital, social, out-of-home, and experiential activations.

“‘Find your people’ exemplifies the power of community at its core, and Canadians feel that sense of belonging when they gather on Reddit to converse across shared interests and topics that speak to their experiences and individuality,” said Reddit’s Market Director RJ Pauloski.


“We’re excited to now highlight these communities across Toronto, Ottawa Vancouver, and Calgary over the coming months.”

If you’ve got five seconds to spare, you can check out Reddit’s award-winning Super Bowl advertisement in 2021, where it capitalized on going ‘small’ on the big game