Children Teach Grown Ups About Togetherness – Red Label Tea Campaign via Ogilvy Mumbai

This Women’s Day spot for Brooke Bond Red Label tea does not feature a woman at all! It uses children to tell us that togetherness increases when stereotypes decrease.

Harshad Rajadhyaksha – Executive Creative Director, Ogilvy Mumbai said, “When a brand lives in the space of breaking social barriers, every little opportunity must be used to do so. We believe this sweet story, like most fables, leaves you with a powerful message.”


Kainaz Karmakar, Executive Creative Director, Ogilvy Mumbai added, “Unstereotype is a movement the world badly needs. We need to un-label people, jobs and gender roles. It’s a tall task for a brand to take on. But hey, things that are worth doing are seldom easy to do.”

Abhik Santara, Executive Vice President, Ogilvy Mumbai commented, “A good tea is a result of a good blend. It’s the same with good work. HUL, Ogilvy and Gajraj Rao of Code Red films, all believed in this. That’s why we could make it happen”.

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