Rather Than Focus on the Space Race Let’s Focus on Things Right Here at Home Says Fuso Campaign

In a new campaign pitching their sustainability creds, Mitsubishi FUSO says that instead of joining the space race where more of humanity can head for the stars, they’re instead focusing on making the Earth a greener place. A worthy cause no doubt.

The campaign ‘To the Moon and Back’ was created by UltraSuperNew Tokyo, and it notes that last year humans became closer to normalizing space travel enabling voyages to the next frontier. The tie-in is that FUSO’s eCanter, which launched in 2017, and its fleet of 300 vehicles has collectively covered a combined distance exceeding four million kilometers, which amounts to four trips to the moon and back and counting.


“They say space is the ultimate frontier. But, is it? With all the news and data that has recently come out regarding climate change, it feels like we should first fix our home before heading out into the cosmos,” said Andres Aguilar Quesada, Associate Creative Director, UltraSuperNew.

“This project for FUSO’s eCanter provided us with an excellent opportunity to invite others to take emission-free transport into serious consideration. Maybe later, after we fix Earth, we can start thinking of Martian holidays.”


Client: Mitsubishi FUSO
Ryan Mundt, Hiroko Araki, Kei Tashiro
Agency: UltraSuperNew Tokyo
Representative Director: Tomo Murakami
Associate Creative Director, Copywriter: Andrés Aguilar
Associate Creative Director, Art Direction: Oguzcan Kaganoguzbeyoglu
Account Manager, Producer: Hanna Brieven
Copywriter: Nobuaki Nogamoto
Content Producer: Belle Sim
Production House: Boomachine
Director: Marc-Antoine Astier
Cinematographer: Christoph Gelep