Raparigas da Bola Launch Post Women’s Day Campaign to Prove a Startling Point

A picture is worth a thousand words and a lot of pictures are worth…well you get it. Last week Havas Lisbon and a group called Raparigas da Bola (Ball Girls) launched an image-heavy campaign that simply, effectively and beautifully illustrated the inequality of exposure given by the top 3, tier-one, sports newspapers to female athletes,

Their campaign was cleverly launched a day after International Women’s Day, a day they surmised coverage would go back to normal. See if you can figure it out from just these first few images.


The initiative, #WomenAlsoPlay, involves reproducing an exact representation of each of the 3 newspapers on 9th march as two-tone infographics, highlighting the inequality of coverage by color-coding every column based on gender coverage: one color for men and one for women.

Early on the morning of 9th, the newspapers were digitalized, every column inch color-coded by gender, printed, and then delivered to journalists, influencers, and athletes so they were able to share it with their fans and followers.


All the newspapers’ logos were covered with a sticker using the campaign’s hashtag: #WomenAlsoPlay. The sticker also mentions Raparigas da Bola’s key message: don’t leave women athletes on the sidelines.


Agency: Havas Lisbon
Executive Creative Director: Paulo Pinto

Creative Director: José Vieira
Digital Creative Director: Margarida Pedreira
Copywriter: Bernardo Tavares

Art Director: Alex Meneses
Account Director: Sérgio Resende
Account: Marta Costa
Graphic Production Director: António Fernandes
Art Finalist: Nuno Nascimento
Media: Ana Torres

Client: Marta Faria
Production Company: Garage Films
Executive Producer: Miguel Varela
Director: David Infante
Producers: Beatriz Pereira, Patricia Tavares

Editor: Miguel Monteiro

Assistant Director: Júlio Paixão

Assistants: João Bettencourt, Miguel Monteiro

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