Rami Malek Voices Absolut’s Largest Global Campaign in Over a Decade

With a new campaign film narrated by Rami Malek and directed by Rodrigo Saavedra, Absolut has launched its largest global marketing campaign in over a decade.

‘The World of Absolut Cocktails. Born to Mix’, which was created by Ogilvy, will expand into a multi-year campaign, The World of Absolut Cocktails is “designed to inspire people who are open-minded, optimistic, and driven by curiosity,” the brand said in a release.

The campaign seeks to display a distinctively diverse world in which cocktails are personified through dynamic, engaging individuals that align with different backgrounds, adult life stages and characteristics.


“Absolut is a brand that strives to bring people together and celebrate what makes each of us unique, and this campaign is a continuation of that,” said Malek, actor and voice of Absolut’s campaign.

“I’m very pleased to act as the voice of the ‘World of Absolut Cocktails’ and to further share and celebrate this intention.”


Before expanding globally, the campaign will kick off with the introduction of The Cosmopolitan, Espresso Martini, Bloody Mary, Lemonade and Madras on TV nationally; out-of-home advertising in Miami, New York City, San Francisco and Los Angeles; and online through digital films and social content.

Additional personalities will join the marketing mix throughout the year, said Absolut.

“Absolut has always been a brand that believes in mixing people, ideas and drinks as a proponent for a world that is more open, free and fun,” said Pam Forbus, SVP, Chief Marketing Officer, Pernod Ricard North America.

“The cocktails take on a life of their own, each with a unique and surprising personification that epitomizes our roots as a cultural mixer, inspiring people’s ideas and identities to ultimately create authentic connections.”


The Absolut Company

Charl Bassil: Global Vice President Marketing

Tad Greenough: Chief Creative Officer

Monica Jungbeck: Global Head Of Creative

Tia Webb: Creative Content Director

Pernod Ricard Usa

Pamela Forbus: Chief Marketing Officer

Matt Foley: Vice President Marketing

Lara O’brien: Senior Director, Marketing



Liz Taylor: Global Chief Creative Officer

Joe Sciarrotta: Deputy Global Chief Creative Officer

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Elise Alverson, Associate Director Of Strategy

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Aspen Center For Consumer Science

Stephen Springfield: Story Consultant



David Burgess: Head Of Production

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Rodrigo Saavedra : Director

Albert Salas : Director Of Photography

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