Radhika Apte Stars in Campaign Highlighting of Heavy Flow Menstruation Pads

RIO, a sanitary pad designed for women with heavy flow, has launched a new campaign via The Womb featuring actress Radhika Apte to spread awareness about “the inadequacy of existing solutions.”

The #MyBloodySecret campaign shows Apte calling Heavy Flow, for what it is without mincing any words and using striking imagery.

“By now, everyone knows what a sanitary napkin ad is going to be like,” said Apte. “Same old white pants, girls running and hopping around, and that same old blue liquid! I mean, we’ve had enough. It’s 2020! Why can’t we just show what heavy flow is really like? Why can’t we just show the blood?”


“Menstruation is one of our more discussed taboos, but issues with Heavy Flow are largely subsumed. With our direct campaign, we hope to spark a few million conversations in homes and shine a light on the silent suffering of women throughout the nation,” said Kartik Johari, Vice-President, Nobel Hygiene.

Heavy Flow is not considered as a separate medical problem, but a personal complication, according to the campaign. Combine it with a general reluctance in visiting a doctor and most cases of Heavy Flow remain undiagnosed. Thus, women refrain from opening up about it and continue to suffer in silence.


“We can’t imagine what it must be like when your body is fighting against you so regularly, and when everyone around you is indifferent,” added Johari. “So, we haven’t pulled any punches – casting Radhika Apte with her performing prowess; Afshan as the director of the film, who is close to the problem herself; a maxed female crew, so that we don’t miss a step along the way. And we have a powerful film that can command a heavy-duty conversation, for a heavy-duty problem.”

Navin Talreja, Founding Partner at The Womb Communications added, “1 out of 5 women suffer from PCOD in India, a condition that leads to heavy flow. Most of these women are middle-aged and above. Our communication had to appeal to these mature, self-assured, confident women. This offered us the opportunity to lead culture with this brand and stay away from the fake codes of the category. In a category obsessed with whimsical and impractical pay-offs like women jumping hurdles and wearing white pants, RIO is pitched as an empathetic brand, a brand that understands the real issues faced by real women who suffer from the heavy flow.”

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