R/GA and PONOS Battle Cats Celebrate in Korea and Taiwan with the ‘Nyanko Nyawards’ Anniversary Campaign

It’s time to celebrate your favorite legendary feline fighters with the Nyanko Nyawards. R/GA and PONOS have launched the Nyanko Nyawards, a fun event marking a decade and nine years of The Battle Cats’ most beloved characters in Korea and Taiwan.

With a spotlight on the unique, the bizarre, and the utterly endearing, the Nyanko Nyaward offers gamers a fun way to learn about the game’s diverse characters, said R/GA adding that it also highlights its expertise in servicing the regions.

The Battle Cats, the wildly popular mobile game from PONOS, is well-known for its eclectic assortment of characters. Each cat boasts unique traits that open up a world of strategic possibilities. From damage-dealing dynamos to the unsung heroes who build walls and disrupt enemies, mastering these characters is key to gamers’ tactical triumphs.


“Many new players and early quitters often miss the nuanced strategic gems hidden within the game. Although the in-game character descriptions shed some light on strengths and general attack properties, they keep specific details like attack and defense power shrouded in mystery, adding an intriguing layer of challenge,” said PONOS’ Managing Director Seiichiro Sano.

“To help players old and new unravel these mysteries in a fun and entertaining way, PONOS teamed up with R/GA again to launch the Nyanko Nyaward Anniversary campaign, designed to bring these strategic elements into the limelight and make them accessible to everyone.”



Key award categories include:

General CATegory:

  • Favorite Wall Character
  • Favorite Attacking Character
  • Favorite Obstructive Character
  • Favorite Surprise Character

Special CATegory:

  • Favorite Special Character

Shingo Ohno, Creative Director, added, “While we celebrate the anniversary in a grand manner, we’ve included many incentives to encourage the return of lapsed users and attract beginners.

Just looking at the list of nominee cats will have you thinking, ‘What? That cat is that useful?!’ The nominee videos will provide more specific details about their characteristics. We hope this will help more people discover the true enjoyment of this game.”

To kick off the celebrations, PONOS will release the Nyanko Nyaward introduction video along with nominee videos, showcasing each contender’s unique attributes.

Engaging users through interactive voting activities, this campaign aims to rekindle the passion of churned players and deepen newcomers’ understanding of the game’s strategic richness.

To mark the joyous occasions, PONOS will also distribute 1,000 cat food in-game items in Korea and 999 cat food in-game items in Taiwan to players who play and win the probability-based in-game slot machine in honour of the 10th and 9th anniversaries, respectively.

The giveaway will enable players to spin the rare gacha, boosting their teams with high-probability candidates featured in the Nyanko Nyaward nominations.

Join the celebration, cast your votes, and rediscover the strategic depth of The Battle Cats.


Executive Creative Directors: Ed Cheong
Creative Directors: Shingo Ohno
Associate Creative Director: Sim Yikloong
Senior Copywriters: Jake Kim, Sherry Wu
Senior Art Director: Hannah Parsons
Senior Visual Designer: Christina Chu
Senior Video Editor: Alexandra Redd
Video Editor: Windra Pradipta
Motion Designer: Even Topland
Group Strategy Directors: Roana Brito, Jessie Wu
Strategist & Media Buyers: MingJhan Jiang, Yoo Ra Roh, Delia Yeh
Executive Producer: Chris Smyth, Joel Simon
Executive Content Producer: Kyle Belcher
Program Manager: Terri Watanabe
General Manager: Anthony Baker
Account Director: Naru Kudo
Media: cacaFly, Macon
Animation Production: Jacky Winter & 21:19
Animation Producers: Katie Ayling & Nicola Pointer
Animators: Chris Angelius & Julian Burgess
Sound Design and Mix: Rumble
Sound Engineer: Sean Wilkinson
Audio Producer: Bec Ivanov
Voiceover Recording Facilitation (Korea & Taiwan): iyuno

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